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Lanoline Products

Anhydrous Lanolin for Cosmetics and MedicineAnhydrous Lanolin for Cosmetics and Medicine
Name:Cosmetics Medicine Anhydrous Lanolin,Lanolin BP,Lanolin USP
Anhydrous lanolin or refined wool wax is a natural substance, designed by nature to soften both skin and wool fibers, and to protect them against adverse weather conditions.

Lanolin for Industrial ApplicationLanolin for Industrial Application
Name:Industrial Lanolin

Over the centuries, people have discovered that the valuable qualities of wool wax can also be used for a variety of technical applications, such as lubricants or protective preparations ....

Medical VaselineMedical Vaseline
Name: Medical Vaseline,Yellow Vaseline,White Vaseline
Quality Specifications: The specifications of the products accord with China. Pharmacopoeia CP-2000, and meet the demands of the British pharmacopoeia BP-1993 ...

Industrial VaselineIndustrial Vaseline
Name: Industrial Vaseline
Main Properties: Industrial vaseline possesses very good rust-preventing characteristics
Main Uses: Industrial vaseline is suitable for protecting grease at low temperature.To smear metal parts ...