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Lanolin Fatty Acid

Lanolin Fatty Acid

Lanolin fatty acid Regardless of the isolation procedure, lanolin acid is a complex mixture of long-chain branched and unbranched fatty acids, of which about 40% is hydroxylated.
So far, 138 saturated and 32 unsaturated lanolin acids have been identified. Lanolin acid can be obtained in two quality grades, with acid values of 50 or 100.
Lanolin acid is the by-product of fatty acid removal from lanolin or lanolin alcohol. For a high quality product, the acidic fraction is then separated from the lanolin alcohols using molecular distillation. Lanolin acid can promote skin fat to the penetration of water vapo, this is because it can make the fat layer caused by osteoporosis, which for skin care plays a very important role. In the washing system have very good effect, and it not only can form a layer of rich fat film in skin, has good resistance to water performance, can be used in the face and eye cosmetics, but also as a soap bubble change agent, fatliquoring agent. In the shampoo can hair glow, soft and easy to comb and little or not cause foam reduces. With spray can form a stable propellant skincare softener. Lanolin fatty acid also has make the gel shape molding the characteristics of curing.

Lanolin fatty acid features and field of application

Molecularly distilled lanolin acid keeps all the natural qualities present in the crude acid, but with a consistently low odour profile.
The solid wax meets all requirements to substitute or supplement fatty acids in cosmetics and dermatological products.
anhydrous lanolin also has a general antimicrobial effect on the human skin. As a result, it can be used as an active ingredient in deodorising toiletries and products treating cutaneous infections such as acne.
Metal soaps of wool wax acids have excellent oil binding properties, making them functional ingredients of lubrication soaps.


Acid value (mg KOH/g): 36 – 50 
Free fatty acids (%): 18 – 25
Saponification number (mg KOH/g): 85 – 120
Melting point (°C): 36 – 50
Sulphated ash (%): <= 0.5
Loss on drying (%): <= 2.0
Colour: brownish
Lanolin fatty acid other applications include:

  • Solid and liquid polishes
  • Polish emulsions
  • Anti-corrosives
  • Textile additives
  • Cosmetic bases.

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