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Medical Vaseline

Medical Vaseline

Medical Vaseline

Name: Medical Vaseline

Quality Specifications: The specifications of the products accord with China. Pharmacopoeia CP-2000, and meet the demands of the British pharmacopoeia BP-1993.
Note: As for their drop point ranges, agreements may be signed according to consumers' production practices and requirements.
Main Properties: Vaseline consist of white vaseline and yellow vaseline. White vaseline is white soft paste, and yellow vaseline is yellow soft paste.
Both of them are odourless and creamy, and possess very good stability and can be wiredrawn.
Main Uses:
(1).Vaseline are suitable for making up ointments and skin-protecting oily paste.
(2).Vaselines medicial grade are applicable to preventing precision instruments. medicinal appliances and other high-grade appliances from rust.
(3).Vaseline cosmetics grade are suited to make up cosmetics(for example, balsam, lipstick and so on).
(1).Vessels used to hold them must be clean and sealed, don't be sun scorched and rain drenched in order to prevent impurities and water from coming in the products.
(2).The storage life of the products is 3 years.

White VaselineWhite Vaseline
Name: White Vaseline

White or light yellow ointment,no smell, greasy when it touch skin

Lighter than compared colour liquid

Yellow Vaseline Yellow Vaseline
Name:Yellow Vaseline Pharmaceutical Grade ,Yellow Vaseline BP98 CP2005
Even odorless,non-block cream

Lighter than colorimetric solution