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Controversial Natural Beauty ingredient: Lanolin

You may have heard of Lanolin, best known as a natural care solution for soothing dry cracked skin of breastfeeding moms and healing baby`s diaper rashes. In its pure form, Lanolin is a waxy substance that varies in color from pale to dark yellow. What many consumers are not aware is that this widely distributed cosmetic ingredient is a fat secreted from raw sheep's wool.

There is some controversy with respect to the use of Lanolin as an ingredient in natural care products. There have been reported allergic reactions to Lanolin, but others claim that it is moisturizing and protective. A versatile product, it can be purchased in its pure form or as an oil for use alone or combined with other ingredients. There are plenty of products available that are made with Lanolin including moisturizers, ointments, and soaps.

If you are not sure whether a product containing Lanolin cosmetic grade is safe to use, be an objective observer. Try reading advertisements more carefully. If a product was found effective in studies or by clinical research, don`t get impressed too quickly. Be sure to read the fine print. Find out how many people participated in the study. Determine whether the study was conducted by a reputable research institute or university. With any product that is profitable to produce and distribute, studies can be relied upon to provide a marketing tool and confuse and misinform potential purchasers. It is up to you as the consumer to be skeptical and ask questions to ensure a product is safe.