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The Elders Can Use Vaseline to Protect Their Skin in Winter

In winter, the most common skin symptoms of the elders are skin dry and skin pruritus because of their angiosclerosis. The skin is gradually fading, with more atrophy, looseness and wrinkles. In addition, it’s very cold in winter. The elders skin secretes less than before. All these factors can cause skin problems. Among so many skin care products, the one that is most suitable for the elders is medical vaseline. Vaseline can be bought in many drug stores and it is cheap. It it the raw material of many cosmetics. It can form a protective layer outside the skin to prevent the water from losing. Its smell is light and without adding spice and alcohol, so it is more suitable for the elders whose skin is more vulnerable and more sensitive. It can avoid skin sensibility so it’s safer to use it. Old people can spread vaseline on their skin after washing their faces or taking baths so that the water can be kept. To those whose skin is chapped partially, they can stick vaseline to the afflicted part before going to bed and after washing. Then use a gauze or preservative film to protect it. After a week’s time, the chapped skin can be eased or even cured. When the weather is dry, you can also apply some vaseline to nasal cavity to avoid bleeding. Vaseline can also help stanching bleeding.