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Comprehensive analysis of lanolin

Lanolin is a natural animal fat, mainly waste from washing wool extract, as a yellow viscous semi- solid fat, the English called Adeps Lanae. By a variety of lanolin fatty acids, lanolin alcohol, whose composition is very complex, and with the origin of the wool and collected in different seasons and change. Lanolin is the former Wool recovered during processing byproduct of wool processing enterprises have not been paying attention , now it has become an important competition in many industries raw materials .
Lanolin products can be directly used as raw material for the manufacture of advanced anti-oil, rheumatism ointment , zinc oxide adhesive plaster , lip balm , cream , senior soap.
Separated by saponification, the reaction with the various reagents can be used to create a series of lanolin further higher production of products such as: cholesterol, wool acids, lanolin alcohol, isopropyl wool, liquid lanolin, water-soluble lanolin, acetylated lanolin, wool acid metal soap, ethoxylated lanolin alcohol. These products are widely used in medicine, cosmetics, machinery lubrication, rust, lactic acid, textile, leather and other industries.
Lanolin derivatives attributable to the first category of the animal fat oils , lanolin derivatives of a series referred to, is a good cosmetic raw materials , including wool alcohols , wool acid , wool wax , wool acid isopropyl acetate, lanolin , acetylated lanolin alcohol. In our daily lives in cosmetics, which contain acid wool, wool and wool alcohols such as isopropyl alcohol, lanolin derivatives.
According to the "Euromonitor" statistics, in 2006 the global cosmetics market reached $ 270 billion , the annual growth rate reached 5.5 percent , a record high since 2002 , including Europe, the U.S. , Japan is the world's largest market , respectively, accounted for the global 35% , 18% and 11 % market share.
In 2006, the Chinese cosmetics market reached 95.2 billion Yuan , accounting for the global market capacity of about 5%, although the absolute market capacity is small, but the growth rate of the Chinese market is the highest of all global markets over the past five years, the average annual growth rate of over 10% , is expected in the next five years the average growth rate can be maintained at more than 9 percent , to 2010 China's cosmetics market capacity will reach 140 billion Yuan or more.
At present, China's per capita consumption cosmetics only between 50 to 60 Yuan, while the United States and Japan cosmetics consumption per capita has reached 1270 Yuan and 1860 Yuan respectively, the two huge difference shows that China's cosmetics market strong potential for development in the future. Along with our country the healthy development of macro economy, and accelerate the development of urbanization in the domestic purchasing power of residents for cosmetics products will maintain strong growth.
Alcohol in cosmetics raw materials added, wool, wool and wool acid isopropyl ester, etc of lanolin derivatives common additives for cosmetics, its content is usually 0.5 to 5%, including alcohol made of wool, wool, wool acid isopropyl ester consumption accounted for about more than 50% of the total lanolin derivatives. According to 0.5% of the minimum add flow meter, global market capacity of lanolin derivatives is about $1.35 billion, of lanolin derivatives in China market capacity of about 500 million Yuan.
Yixin mainly specializes in the production and research lanolin serise products, including lanolin cosmetic grade, lanolin pharmaceutical grade,lanolin fatty acid , lanolin alcohol, liquid lanolin, solid lanolin and so on.