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Anhydrous Lanolin News

Basical Nature About Lanolin Technical

Lanolin Technical is a yellow, tenacious, unctuous substance obtained from the wool of sheep, having a faint but characteristic odor.The technical lanolin is obtained by refining the wool grease. Chemically it is complex mixture of linear chain carboxylic acid esters, diols, sterols and triterpen alcohols. It also has small amounts of free acids and alcohol and hydrocarbons. Lanolin Technical has been used extensively for its extreme pressure and slip characteristics in the formulation of wire drawing compounds. It is sulfur free, so will not stain copper.
Lanolin Technical Grade is widely used in daily life.Although chemically classified as a wax, lanolin has all the physical properties of a grease. As a lubricant, technical-grade lanolin can be used as a cost-efficient anti-friction agent for many technical processes, especially those that require high biocompatibility.Technical Lanolin is also compatible with numerous additives used to modify the consistency and characteristics of the resulting protective films.What’s more, Lanolin Technical is used in the formulation of temporal anticorrosives for the metallurgical industry, lubricant products for leathers, sheep branding paints, cutting oils, lamination oils, etc .Lanolin Technical can be applied in a number of applications such as textile and leather treatments, adhesives, printing inks, animal health products, hair shampoo and skin care products etc.
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