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Anhydrous Lanolin News

Talking About Medical Lanolin

Since lanolin is chemically similar to wax, it has a number of applications in various industries. Anhydrous Lanolin is also structurally similar to lipids found in human skin cells, which is why it’s a common ingredient in skin care products. Medical Lanolin is also valued for its lubricant properties and is frequently used to grease moving machinery parts to reduce friction and wear. As an added bonus, lanolin is compatible with a variety of additives, making it versatile and cost-effective in a number of technical processes.
Medical Lanolin is used in lipsticks and eye make-up. In soaps,lanolin acts as a superfatting agent, minimising dehydration of the skin.In shampoos and shower gels, lanolin uses as a conditioner. Fragrance-free Pure anhydrous Lanolin is ideal for shielding and alimental dry cuticles, elbows, craked skin, dry lips, dry nostrils, split heels, tender skin, and for healing connective tissue. This product is also widely employed by nursing moms and conjointly wont forestall dermatitis.
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