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What is Vaseline

Vaseline is made of pure petroleum jelly mixed with minerals and microcrystalline wax that make it smoother. Vaseline is a petroleum-based gel commonly used in home remedies, beauty routines, and in a variety of household projects.Vaseline is a 100% natural product, rich in minerals from deep within the earth yet totally pure, which had remarkable healing properties when applied to cuts, burns and abrasions of the skin.Vaseline has more skin care and beauty uses than virtually any other product.
Vaseline soothes dry patches, reducing itching and restoring moisture to your skin. Vaseline is recognized by the National Eczema Association. Simply apply the jelly to any dry, cracked or damaged area of skin as directed to promote healing and prevent further irritation. Vaseline can also protect minor burns and scrapes while they heal, although you should avoid applying it to deep wounds and seek medical attention instead.Vaseline petroleum jelly may be common knowledge, but you may not have thought of some of the more unusual ones.You can make an inexpensive, natural skin exfoliate with sea salt and petroleum jelly. You can add cherry, raspberry, grape or orange Kool-Aid to Vaseline to create a chapped lip treatment with color.
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