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Anhydrous Lanolin News

Research on Anhydrous Lanolin EP ELP

Lanolin is pale yellow or tan ointment, sticky and satiny. Anhydrous Lanolin super grade is produced from the refining of wool grease and conforms to the current European Pharmacopoeia. Wool grease is naturally renewable and is obtained from the shorn wool of live sheep during the wool washing process. Anhydrous Lanolin EP ELP is suitable for any application, especially those requiring a high degree of purity. Pesticides have been removed to barely reaceable levels with added advantage of having a very low level of naturally occurring free lanolin alcohol
Touted for its emollient properties, Anhydrous Lanolin EP ELP can be found in a variety of toiletries, including lipsticks, cosmetic creams and powders, shaving creams, shampoos, and soaps. Ointment bases for topical medicaments are another common source of lanolin exposure. Because of its ability to penetrate the epidermis to the depth of the stratum granulosum and into keratinocytes. lanolin has been prescribed for the treatment of many skin conditions, including xerosis, eczema, and open wounds. In addition, it has long been recommended as the treatment of choice for nipple soreness in lactating women.
Anhydrous Lanolin EP ELP is also used for industrial purposes. Wool wax has been applied to metallic surfaces to prevent corrosion, added to ink to prevent crystallization, used in adhesive plasters, incorporated into furniture polish and shoe creams, and even applied to leather to enhance pliability and water resistance.
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