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Lanolin is a natural substance, designed by nature to soften both skin and wool fibres, and to protect them against adverse weather conditions. The best known uses of refined wool wax products (lanolin and lanolin derivatives) are in medicine, cosmetics and toiletries, which take advantage of these natural protective qualities.Anhydrous lanolin can act as a carrier for pharmaceutically active ingredients that have to be transported into deeper layers of the skin. In burns dressings, Lanolin supports the wound healing process and enhances dermal repair.
Lanolin can be used in food fields, skin care and medical application. Lanolin also plays an important role in burns dressings. Lanolin supports the wound healing process and enhances dermal repair. Besides emollient and moisturising characteristics, lanolin's protective function includes antimicrobial and disinfectant activity on human skin.The use of lanolin acids in topical products for cutaneous infections (e.g. acne) and deodorising toiletries ultimately underlines the versatility of lanolin and its derivatives.The emollient care effects of lanolin and its derivatives are harnessed in a wide range of skin creams, ointments and sunscreen lotions. Lanolin is also used in lipsticks and eye make-up. In soaps,lanolin acts as a superfatting agent, minimising dehydration of the skin.In shampoos and shower gels, lanolin uses as a conditioner.
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