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A Brief Introduction to Yellow Vaseline

Yellow Vaseline is a semi-transparent ointment with light yellow in colour.It has a greasy feeling.Yellow Vaseline is known for its stringiness and also for its adhesive properties. It is practically insoluble in such solutes as water and ethanol, but it is soluble in such solutes as chloroform, ethanol and petroleum naphtha.
Yellow Vaseline has wide application.The products are suitable for making up ointments and skin-protecting oily paste.Yellow Vaseline is applicable to preventing precision instruments. Medicinal appliances and other high-grade appliances from rust.In addition, Yellow Vaseline is suited to make up cosmetics such as balsam, lipstick and so on.Furthermore, Yellow Vaseline can be used as an insulator and as a preservative and lubricant in the food sector.
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