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Anhydrous Lanolin News

Introduction to Lanolin alcohol

Lanolin alcohol is lanolin's primary derivative. It consists of a refined mixture of high molecular weight (MW) alcohols (the mean MW is 370).The main fraction (75%) is composed of sterols and triterpene alcohols, of which cholesterol is the largest individual component (36%), followed by lanosterol, agnosterol and their dihydric derivatives. Lanolin alcohols are produced from only the highest-grade wool grease, to meet the numerous pharmacopoeias' strict requirements. Lanolin alcohols are the most powerful surface-active natural components of wool wax products. They make up around 50% of the total weight of lanolin anhydrous, in which they are chemically bound in ester compounds.
The waxy substance's pale colour and mild scent makes it ideal for use as an emulsifier and stabiliser in cosmetics and toiletries, where whiteness and neutral odour are important. One of the best-known moisturisers containing lanolin alcohol is Nivea Creme, which has relied on its emollient effect for nearly a century. When blended with cetearyl alcohol as an additional stabiliser, and mineral oil or petrolatum to change consistency, lanolin alcohol acts as a functional component in so-called absorption bases.Because lanolin alcohol's emulsifying properties are stable in a wide pH range, it can be used in acidic and alkaline w/o emulsions, such as hair bleaching agents.Another important property is lanolin alcohol's ability to help the wound-healing process. As a result, it has numerous applications in medical and pharmaceutical products. In addition, lanolin alcohols can function as carrier systems to deliver pharmacologically active substances through the skin.
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