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Talking About Industrial Vaseline

Vaseline is a natural product, rich in minerals from deep within the earth yet totally pure, which had remarkable healing properties when applied to cuts, burns and abrasions of the skin. Industrial Vaseline is one of the wide use of Vaseline.Industrial Vaseline is suitable for protecting grease at low temperature.To smear metal parts with it can prevent them from rust.It can also be used for friction-reducing lubricant when the temperatures of machines are not too high and the loads of machines are not too large.
Industrial Vaseline can be used for leather soak agent in leather industry, sealing and rust-preventing agent in machinery industry, softener in rubber industry and lubricant in textile industry besides for general rust-preventing agent.Industrial Vaseline was originally sold for use on cuts and burns, but it was also advertised as a cure for a range of skin problems including: blisters, sores, chaffing and sunburn, for rheumatism and haemorrhoids and, when taken orally, as a cure for colds, sore throats, diphtheria, dysentery and other diseases.
Yixin Chemical Co.,Ltd specializes in the production and research on lanolin and lanolin derivatives series products, including lanolin cosmetic grade, lanolin pharmaceutical grade, lanolin fatty acid , lanolin alcohol, liquid lanolin, solid lanolin and so and cholesterol. As a market leader in lanolin production, we offer grades of the highest quality and is an expert in its field.