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The Effect Of Yellow Vaseline

Yellow Vaseline is known for its stringiness and also for its adhesive properties. It is practically insoluble in such solutes as water and ethanol, but it is soluble in such solutes as chloroform, ethanol and petroleum naphtha.Yellow Vaseline is a semi-transparent ointment with light yellow in colour.It has a greasy feeling.
Medicinally, Yellow Vaseline was originally sold for use on cuts and burns, but it was also advertised as a cure for a range of skin problems including: blisters, sores, chaffing and sunburn, for rheumatism and haemorrhoids and, when taken orally, as a cure for colds, sore throats, diphtheria, dysentery and other diseases.While in Cosmetics industry, Yellow Vaseline Once was introduced into medicine cabinets, women found a number of cosmetic uses for it, some of which have persisted to this day. Cosmetic chemists also used it and similar petroleum-based ingredients in a wide range of products.
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