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Lanolin is a component of animal oil refined from wool. Sheep can still survive in the wild in the cold winter, relying on the protection of lanolin. This ingredient protects against cold, strong winds, harmful air, etc. It protects the skin from damage.Lanolin is not irritating to the skin, and sensitive skin can be used with confidence.

The health status of the sheep determines whether the lanolin composition is excellent.Good lanolin ingredients should be extracted from wool in clean areas and processed with advanced technology. Only good ingredients can achieve perfect skin care results.The quality of lanolin is best in Australia and New Zealand.

Our company-Yixin Chemical Co.,Ltd specializes in the production of lanolin series products, including lanolin cosmetic grade, lanolin pharmaceutical grade and so on. In this regard, we continue to introduce advanced technology in order to provide customers with better products and services. If you have business needs in this area, please contact us. Our company has its own website-xinyi-lanolin.com and you can view more details.