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Anhydrous Lanolin News

Use of lanolin


There are two types of lanolin products, namely anhydrous lanolin and water lanolin. Lanolin is not saponified in caustic, but it can be saponified by pressurizing and heating in a caustic ethanol solution. Lanolin is highly hygroscopic. The water-containing lanolin is obtained by mixing lanolin and adding distilled water, and is a pale yellow or off-white ointment. Lanolin is chemically stable and has good adhesion to metal surfaces.

Lanolin can make the main drug quickly absorbed by the mucous membrane and skin, has adhesion, is stable in nature, and can absorb water and is not easily rancid. It is an excellent ointment base and an emulsifier for water-in-oil emulsions in an amount of 5%. Due to its high viscosity and local discomfort, it should not be used alone as a substrate. It is often used in combination with Vaseline and can increase the water absorption and penetration of Vaseline.

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