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Anhydrous Lanolin News

Water condensation technology of lanolin


Studies have shown that among the many moisturizing ingredients, the lanolin extracted from sheep wool is the closest to the body's own oil. Therefore, sheep fat is often used for moisturizing and moisturizing the skin, and has the advantages of quick absorption, mild and non-irritating, and good moisturizing effect.

The world's best quality sheep oil is purified from pure to less than three impurities per million, with a purity close to 100%. The condensed lanolin is completely higher than this standard. It contains high activity and nourishing factors far higher than ordinary products. It not only has a longer moisturizing effect, but its active ingredients can be quickly absorbed by the skin, lasting and nourishing the skin and reducing the skin. health status. The skin is smoother and smoother, firmer and fuller.

Our company-Yixin Chemical Co.,Ltd specializes in the production of lanolin. The annual production of industrial lanolin is 1000 tons, including lanolin cosmetic grade, lanolin pharmaceutical grade, lanolin fatty acid and so on. If you have a need in this area, we are very willing to serve you.