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Anhydrous Lanolin News

Lanolin effect

Lanolin is an animal oil component that is extracted from living animals. Sheep can still survive in the wild in the cold winter, relying on the protection of lanolin. This ingredient protects against cold, strong winds, harmful air, etc. It protects the skin from damage.Lanolin is a natural skin lubricant that replenishes dry skin. In addition, it is also an emulsifier that prevents moisture loss and has a very good effect on extremely dry skin.

Lanolin contains vitamin E ingredients, which can clean up harmful acidic substances, supplement nutrients, increase skin elasticity and delay aging. It also promotes skin regeneration and protects skin: products containing lanolin have a good repair effect on damaged skin and promote cell regeneration. In addition, it also enhances the skin's resistance to harmful substances, allowing the skin to be fully protected.

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