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Anhydrous Lanolin News

The role of lanolin in cosmetics

Lanolin can make your skin smooth and supple. The earliest discovery of its skin-beautifying effect was because it was found that the hands of Australian sheep-raising workers were generally more delicate than ordinary people, and later discovered that it was the role of lanolin.

Lanolin has a good skin care effect and is more common in some cosmetics, such as creams, sunscreens, anti-cracking creams, lipsticks, etc. Generally, this skin care product is suitable for dry skin on the face, but mixed and oily skin can also be used. Lanolin is good for stretching skin folds. It can also help repair damaged and chapped skin. It also has a certain nourishing effect. Adding proper amount of lanolin to cosmetics can improve skin texture and make skin smooth and moist.

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