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Anhydrous Lanolin News

Water soluble lanolin (cosmetic grade)

Water-soluble lanolin (cosmetic grade) is a kind of water-soluble lanolin produced by the addition reaction of refined oil-soluble lanolin and ethylene oxide. Water-soluble lanolin has good emollient and conditioning properties without feeling greasy. Its 2% aqueous solution is transparent and has excellent stability in a wide pH value and in the presence of an electrolyte.

When used in emollient series products, it can fully moisturize the skin, maintain the skin's oil balance, and reduce the dryness of the skin.Used in shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products, it can achieve satisfactory ideal results for repairing damaged hair, increasing the moisturizing and hydrating degree of hair texture, and improving the combability of hair. Because of its superior water solubility, it is more suitable for a variety of transparent gels and aqueous products.

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