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Anhydrous Lanolin News

What is lanolin

Many people want to know what lanolin is, in fact it is a form of waterproof wax produced by wool. This wax is wrapped around wool to prevent moisture. Lanolin is very similar to the oils produced by other animal skins, mainly for waterproofing, hydration and lubrication. Although chemically classified as wax, it is sometimes referred to as wool fat or wool oil.

The color of pure lanolin is yellow with a strong smell. People who deal with raw wool will find their fingers soft, which is because the skin absorbs wax. During processing, some odors can be removed, making the lanolin taste neutral. During processing, most of the lanolin will be stripped from the wool, but some will be retained to provide waterproofing. After the wax is stripped from the wool, it usually needs to be further purified to facilitate commercial application.

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