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Anhydrous Lanolin News

The Export of Lanolin in January Increases Several Times

According to Wujiang Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Wujiang exported 22 batches of lanolin in total in January. The total quantity is 191.4MT and values 2.175 million dollars. The value of export increased several times in comparison with the first month of last year. Lanolin http://ru.xinyi-lanolin.com is a kind of pure natural material extracted from the waste water used to wash wool. The application of lanolin is wide. It can be used to compound slushing oil, lubricant, printing ink and so on. Since lanolin is good in moistening, it is more widely used to produce face creams, shampoos, anti-cracking creams and many other skin care products.    In recent years, lanolin is accepted more and more by international market and its price keeps soaring. The flourishing wool textile industry in China guarantee the material supply for lanolin production. Domestic wool washing enterprises seize the opportunity, improving their equipment and technology to separate fat from wool. The improvement of technology not only reduces the sewage discharge and environment pollution, but also increases the economic benefit, resulting in a win-win result.