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The Exportation of Lanolin in Zhangjiagang

Influenced by the unstable international trade environment, the global demand for wool and other raw materials of textile is highly decreased and the price is lower and lower. Although the global demand for lanoline is not strong, the export price for lanolin in Zgangjiagang is highly raised. From January to June, The exportation of lanolin in Zgangjiagang amounts to 10 million US dollars, increasing 84 percent in comparison with that of last year.
Zhangjiagang is the largest export, production and logistics area in China. It has the largest wool washing processing enterprises in the world. Its lanolin production is the barometer of global lanolin. In order to promote the export and import trade of lanolin and consolidate Zhangjiagang's "boss" position of exporting lanolin, Zhangjiagang Inspection and Quarantine bureau did every effort to deal with the crisis and expand lanolin exportation.
Lanolin is a natural material extracted from the waste water washing the wool. Wool majorly comes from countries like Australia. The lanolin cosmetics grade in Wujiang district is produced from crude lanolin bought from wool washing factory. The fine wool can be used in cosmetic industry and leather industry. The prosperous development of the wool textile industry in China guarantees the abundant raw material supply for the production of lanolin.
In recent years, lanolin is gradually favored by the international market. Due to the restriction of oversea wool resources, China's lanolin production capacity and price are highly concerned by the global market. Because of the increasing demand of lanolin in both domestic and overseas market, its price keeps rising. Lanolin enterprises seek the opportunity to update lanolin production equipment and technique. The improvement and development of lanolin extract technique not only reduce the sewage discharge from wool washing factory and environment pollution, it also increases the economic benefit, achieving win-win between environment protection and profit.