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The New Rules on the Inspection & Quarantine for the Exportation of Lanolin

In order to standardize the exportation of lanolin, Jiangsu province take new rules on the inspection and quarantine of lanolin when exportation. The major rules are as follows:
First, the export lanolin should use brand new drums. The drums should pass the test of Inspection and quarantine agency located in the area of its producers and the exporter should provide the dangerous packaging certificate, which means the second hand packages cannot be used to pack export lanolin.
Second, the test items are more than before. Salmonella and water content should be tested for crude lanolin. For fine anhydrous lanolin, Salmonella, properties, melting point, saponification value, acid value, iodine value, identification, PH value, chloride, insoluble in ethanol, loss on drying, ignition residue, etc, should be tested. If the import country has special requirements on certain specifications or there are extra quality requirements in the contract, the test items should be added accordingly.
Third, specify the test frequency. If a company exports crude lanolin, the first three batches should be tested one by one, then random tests should be done not less than 5% of its total export batches. For the export of fine lanolin, the fsirst three batched should also be tested one by one. A whole test should be done once a season and then the random test will be done not less than 5% of its total export batches.
Fourth, the requirements on the appearance and storage of export lanolin BP. Export lanolin's package should be clean, the batch number should confirm with the marks. The storage place should be clean and dry. Products should be stored according to their batch number.
Fifth, dealing with unqualified products. If the product is not qualified after the test, it can be reproduced and retested. If passes the test, the product is allowed to export. If the product fail to past the test after reproduction, it is forbidden to export.