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Lanolin Derivatives

Lanolin is the grease secretion depositing on wools. Its major composition is sterols, fatty alcohol, triterpene alcohol and its esters of fatty acids.
Lanolin is good at emulsifying and penetrating and thus can easily be absorbed by hair and skin. It is also easily compatible with other cosmetic materials. Its shortcomings are its thickness, special smell and poor color. Therefore, in cosmetic industry, lanolin derivatives are much more used than lanolin itself. The major lanolin derivatives are as follows:
Liquid lanolin: good skin protection. It can change medicine's release effect and penetrating effect. It can be used to produce liquid products. It can also mix with high concentration oil material, forming homogeneous liquid, which can be used in children skin protection products.
Lanolin wax: it is an excellent emulsifier and dispersing agent. It is mainly used in lipsticks and lips brighteners.
Lanolin acid: it is with good performance in penetrating water into the skin. It can increase foams when added into shaving cream. With its good water-resisting property, it can also be used in eye cosmetics.
Hydrogenated lanolin: it is with good regulating performance and thickening performance. It can be used as the stabilizer of water or oil cream. It can be easily absorbed by skin and usually used in lipsticks.
Acetylated lanolin: it is a skin protection agent with excellent performance. It can be used as the base of other skin protection products. It is better than any other lanolin derivatives.
Alcohol soluble lanolin alcohol: its chemical stability is good. It can be used as tackifier. It is also compatible with most surfactants. It can lustre the hair when added to hair products.