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Tips for Using Vaseline

In daily life, the word vaseline can be seen in the ingredients of many skin care products. Vaseline is not only a skin care expert, it has also some unexpected magical effects in daily life.
     There are two grades of vaseline, industrial grade and medical grade. Medical vaseline can be bought in many drug stores. Without adding any spices or alcohols, medical vaseline is the raw material of many cosmetic formulations. It can form a septum on the surface of the skin's stratum corneum to prevent the loss of water. When the climate is dry in autumn and winter, people can also apply some vaseline to nasal cavity to avoid bleeding. The following is some tips for using vaseline in daily life.
     First, when you put a cup of hot water on a paint table, white hot marks will appear on the desktop. You can put some vaseline on the hot mark for two days. After that. You can remove the marks with a cloth.
     Second, heat up vaseline so that the water in it can be completely evaporated. Then spread it on ironwares. The ironwares will not get rusted.
     Third, the leather shoes will gradually harden when you don't polish them for a long time. At this time, you can coat the shoes with a layer of vaseline. After one or two days, the shoes will become soft again.
   Fourth, when there is stain on leather products, you'd better first use a cloth or a banister brush to clean it. Then apply some vaseline to it. Clean it again with a soft cloth. In the end, polish it with the same color as the shoes. Use a soft brush to brush it. Then the stain will disappear and the shoes will be as bright as new.