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Lanolin market situation analysis

Lanolin is a natural animal fat, mainly waste from washing wool extract, as a yellow viscous semi- solid fat, the English called Adeps Lanae. By a variety of lanolin fatty acids, lanolin alcohol, whose composition is very complex, and with the origin of the wool and collected in different seasons and change. Lanolin is the former Wool recovered during processing byproduct of wool processing enterprises have not been paying attention , now it has become an important competition in many industries raw materials .
The main purpose of lanolin
Lanolin can be directly used as raw material for the manufacture of advanced anti-oil, rheumatism ointment , zinc oxide adhesive plaster , lip balm , cream , senior soap.
Separated by specification, the reaction with the various reagents can be used to create a series of lanolin further higher production of products such as: cholesterol, wool acids, lanolin alcohol, isopropyl wool, liquid lanolin, water-soluble lanolin, acetylated lanolin, wool acid metal soap, ethoxylated lanolin alcohol. These products are widely used in medicine, cosmetics, machinery lubrication, rust, lactic acid, textile, leather and other industries.
China lanolin production status
China is the world's top five producers of wool , wool each year about 12 million tons, due to lack of raw materials processed annually needed from Australia, New Zealand and other countries imported about 330,000 tons of wool , a total of about 450,000 tons . Produce 27 million tons a year scouring wastewater, wastewater per 3000 cubic centimeters scouring extract 40 g lanolin can be calculated theoretically from China each year scouring wastewater extract 36,000 tons lanolin, but our actual recovery of lanolin just be 1-2 million tons. In environmental pollution, waste water, while a large number of lanolin also together with the wastewater drain.
Applications continue to expand, so lanolin presented in short supply in the international market strong sales situation, has also become a domestic wool processing enterprises is an important source of profits. Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province are processed wool province, Jiangsu province engaged only scouring processing factories reached more than 120. Some of the larger scouring wastewater plant has mastered the technology to extract the lanolin , medium and small wool scouring plant forced by national environmental pressures are gradually installing lanolin recovery .
In recent years, lanolin increasingly favored by the international consumer market, due to resource constraints of foreign wool, yield and price has been the concern of the international market. Since lanolin domestic demand growth, prices continued to raise, the domestic enterprises to seize the opportunity to wash wool, carried on the oil separation equipment and technology renovation, scouring wastewater to improve the recovery of lanolin. Lanolin extraction technology improvement and development, reducing the wool scouring plant effluent discharge, reduce environmental pollution, but also to the sewage turning waste into treasure, improve economic efficiency, environmental protection and efficiency to achieve a "win-win”.
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