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Lanolin Anhydrous News

World shorn (greasy) wool production is forecast to fall 9 % in 2009/10, resulting in lower availability of wool grease for creating refined lanolin products and derivatives.

This steady decline can be attributed to factors including:

1.substitution of wool with synthetic fibers in garments

2.sustained low wool prices affecting grower attitude

3. shift to other farming enterprises, such as meat production or conversion to dairy, resulting in reduced numbers of sheep farmed for wool production

4. the global financial crisis affecting exports

In Australia, shorn wool production reached more than 1,100 million kg (mkg) in 1989/90 and has been decreasing steadily since. Production has also declined in many other parts of the world, including New Zealand, South America and South Africa.

For 2009/10, Australian wool production is estimated to be between 330 mkg (Australian Wool Innovation (AWI)) and 335 mkg (Fumi Research). This is around 9% lower than the final estimate for the 2008/09 season, which itself fell 10% compared with the 2007/08 season. Production has never been lower since 1945/46.